Gates on energy sense

At GreenTech, Bill Gates On Nuclear Energy: Compared To Coal, It Is Still Safer In Terms Of People “Killed Per Kilowatt Hour”. From a talk at a Wired business conference Gates sees three main problems which need to be addressed: cost, security, and environmental impact: “Other than it is too expensive, you can get cut off at any time, or it can destroy the planet, it’s okay.”

“We get sloppy” in the rich world, he says, because we can afford to pay extra for solar or wind power. But in order to make a real impact, the costs have to become competitive with current fossil-based energy. “In 80% of the world, energy will be bought where it is economic.” says Gates. “You have to help the rest of the world get energy at a reasonable price.”

It may be a good summary of a modicum of rationality in regards to energy and its social impact.

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