The modern socialist manifesto

It is a list of demands. Walmart is being asked to enter a contract to agree upon a list of demands for their Washington D.C. stores. Mark Perry says
Walmart “Gets Served” By DC Community Group.

The stipulations run the gamut from a living wage ($12.50 an hour) to transit benefits ($50 per employee per month) to parking minimums (up to 2.5 free or low-cost spaces per 1,000 square feet of building space).”

Perhaps a key item in the list is that about firearms and ammunition. Nearly everything else is about payment to support workers and competing businesses.

There is no item that is about the benefits the community will receive by having a retailer like WalMart set up shop in the community. These are proven benefits but they are not within the control of government – except inasmuch as ‘community groups’ can promote laws, regulations, and taxes that inhibit and limit and control – and perhaps chase away – businesses that can provide growth and prosperity to a community by competency in the marketplace.

One can look at D.C. sans Walmart and compare to neighborhoods that have welcomed the retailer and then wonder just what it is that D.C. really hates about WalMart.

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