It seems an obsession that criticism is evidence of patriotism

You may remember it yourself. An anti-US speil rationalized as being patriotic. Mark Noonan makes a good note about this in his entry Patriotism.

Dean Esmay brings to our attention a very interesting article about the press and patriotism which appears at PressThink – the central part of the story is the claim that CNN’s Bob Franken said that being a patriot is incompatible with being a journalist. I recommend reading the whole thing, but I’d like to take up the theme of Dean Esmay and expand a bit on what is patriotism.

A short definition of patriotism would be that you love your country. A lot of our leftwing friends claim loudly that they do, indeed, love our country – they usually say this after they’ve repeated some slander of our country as a means of excusing their slander…they love our country so much, you see, that they have to retail every bad thing ever said about it. To the left, dissent is the purest form of patriotism. Dean calls them on it, and so do I.

In the marital realm, verbal abuse of the partner is considered just that: abuse. And it often leads to a recommendation of therapy. It doesn’t seem that we have quite got to that point when it comes to matters of self and country.

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