About that population of poor people in the U.S.

The meme is to tax the rich because they are greedy and don’t deserve it and the gap between rich and poor is growing and so on.

Besides the problem that there is a limit as to how poor you can be but not on how rich you can be, there is the reality of just what being poor means. One rundown on this is poor, but with a cell phone and a car that cites James Taranto at the WSJ who cites a 1990 Heritage Foundation report for reference.

“Poor” Americans today are better housed, better fed, and own more property than did the average U.S. citizen throughout much of the 20th Century. In 1988, the per capita expenditures of the lowest income fifth of the U.S. population exceeded the per capita expenditures of the median American household in 1955, after adjusting for inflation.”

That was twenty years ago. Have things regressed so the poor are poorer. Not according to the Census Bureau. A large part of this growing wealth of the poor is the advances in technology, such as cell phones, and innovation in manufacturing and distribution as shows up in WalMart prices.

Remember the days when telephone service was a party line and long distance required an operator and deep pockets? Things have changed.

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