About the war on the goose and gold eggs

It seems that fairy tales have a lot of relevance to modern affairs. That one about the goose that produced gold eggs seems appropriate in regards to some folks and their attitude towards the wealth of nations. An example is described by John at Powerline’s rundown on how the Times smear continues.

Egan quotes with apparent approval Balzac’s silly witticism that “behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” As applied to contemporary America, it would be far closer to the truth to say that behind every great fortune lies a great service to humanity. And with typically liberal myopia, Egan thinks that rich people do good only when they give their money away:

It must be very odd to be a liberal like Tim Egan. Here he is, living in the most prosperous nation in history, where more wealth has been created, and wealth has been earned by more people, than anywhere else on earth–and he has absolutely no idea why. Free enterprise? Entrepreneurship? Risk-taking? Restraints on the rapaciousness of the parasitic public sector? All of these things are anathema to liberals. So, in Tim Egan’s world, the only good thing you can say about a rich person is that he gave his money away. How did he get it in the first place? Egan has no idea, except that it must have been some sort of “crime.”

With some people, it appears to be an a priori presumption that anyone with more wealth than them got it by stealing or other nefarious process. That presumption is used to rationalize taking that wealth from them, by force if necessary. Sometimes, supporting that presumption means deceit and dishonesty and that is the tragedy that John is describing.

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