What’s with Kansas?

The Washington Times warns about activist judges:

Kansas jurists, with the help of the education “experts,” have shoved aside lawmakers and voters because they think they know better how to spend the public dollars. We’re sorry to see it come to that in Kansas.

It seems some consultant hired to study school funding decided that the state should spend a specified amount in its educational efforts. A judge used this amount to tell the state legislatures that their vote and that of the public was irrelevant and they needed to come up with more money.

This is the same state that is holding a ‘trial’ to renew the Scopes trial of long ago. The state board of education thinks their ‘trial’ can be sufficient to provide credibility in overturning the peer review process in biological sciences.

Hey, Ohio nearly passed legislation defining the value of pi (the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle) a while back. Why can’t any state body define a scientific or mathematic concept by fiat? This ought to be much easier and less messy than the way scientists and mathematician do it.

Take it to da judge! (we certainly aren’t worthy to make our own decisions)

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