Testing. Reality calling. Testing.

Dr. Sanity describes the referent. That is, the basis by which someone can assess whether someone, including one’s self, is using a maladaptive defense that is a symptom of an underlying refusal to acknowledge reality.

It’s important to remember that anyone who is reasonably psychologically healthy is not afraid of examining their thinking processes; nor are they so wrapped up in their emotions that they are unable to appreciate their own psychological blind spots or challenges to their ability to determine what is real and what is a distortion.

A list of facets to examine is suggested for a place to start. An example is provided at the top of the post – one that might irritate some folks as it sets up two straw men in line with contemporary political images – with the psychology in the middle and a challenge to examine the behavior of both sides in her example.

But if you know, absolutely and positively, then you have Matthew 7:3 or Luke 6:42 to consider.

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