Going to extremes

One of the more troubling behaviors evident in current public affairs this year is the extremism.; That got its start in the Arizona shootings and a lot of talk about civility. That was followed by the Wisconsin public union demonstrations and other shenanigans (see Wisconsin DOJ Open Meetings Expert Secretly Gave Advice To Fleeing Dem Senators, for example) that resulted in a judicial election that had millions behind the candidates from out of state sources. Now its the budget battle with plans to dump trash on the Speaker’s lawn.

Lawfare is also in full display, which may be why the judicial elections are getting so much attention. In Wisconsin, a judge has been found to interfere in the legislative process. That is on the public union front. Climate alarmism is also showing up in court at a personal level.

Now we have peer review in science entering the courtroom as well. This one has Dr. Tim Ball seeking assistance for his legal defense against Dr. Mann’s allegations of libel. (See WUWT). That is the same Dr. Mann that the University in Virginia is trying to protect from investigations of the AG regarding use of government funding.

Savvy skeptics suspect that Ball, a 72-year-old pensioner, was singled out as a target because he has no big corporate backers and will capitulate under the emotional and financial strain before the case even gets to trial as his legal fees spiral. Such a fate befell Ball in a prior libel suit in 2006.

There are a couple of items to note here. One is that folks such as Ball are continually being accused of being financially supported by ‘big oil’ as a reason to explain away their arguments and questions on the climate issue. The other is Alinsky example of picking a target, a human target, to destroy to buttress one’s position.

The choose an opponent to destroy by any means possible is a tactic visible on many fronts. Governor Walker was replaced by Judge Prosser in Wisconsin. The Koch brothers, Fox News and Glen Beck are favorite targets whenever the opportunity arises. Speaker Boehner is taking the hits in the budget debate. Dr. Ball is getting it in the climate issue. The front line in today’s society not only speaks to soldiers in foreign lands.

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