Matters of integrity: Israel

While Dr. Curry is examining a matter of academic integrity in Scholars and Scandals, that of the attacks on Israel is also undergoing some inspection. Jennifer Rubin notes how Goldstone’s recantation pulls back the curtain

Israel is fighting for its survival not only on the battlefield but in the court of public opinion. For those who believe truth matters, it is important to point out the untruths and agenda of Israel’s attackers. Those who shrink from acknowledging the falsity of the attacks on Israel either have common aims with the phony human rights groups or have lost the capacity to make moral distinctions. The latter is a much bigger problem for elite intellectuals, and goes well beyond the topic of Israel.

The assault on Israel has been on many fronts from terrorist attacks to an ongoing missile bombardment to a propaganda campaign that is so transparent one has to wonder why anyone would swallow it. But swallow it they have and Goldstone’s report on one incident was used as leverage to help the gullible accept the meme of Israel as aggressor and human rights abuser.

Goldstone has expressed regrets. That is one step. There are many left to go.

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