predictable. talking. points. Republicans kill children and starve the elderly

See U.S. News for a typical example. Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan Hits the Elderly and the Poor. Leslie Marshall seems to think that turning Medicare from a government run health care system to a private insurance system with government provided subsidies is a “cut.”

What the Republicans are trying to do with this proposal is to push Medicare and Medicaid recipients to choose their own plan option yet pay more out of their own pocket. … So it’s your choice, America. Cut a lot from Medicare now and pay even more later as our elderly people die on the streets outside of hospitals that simply don’t have the space and medical staff to treat them; or repair our current system, fund it to care for our elderly, current and future. [See who donates the most to Paul Ryan.]

One thing to note is the personalization – going after Ryan personally. The Koch brothers is another recent example of this tactic. Going after persons and then into who supports them in order to taint the opposition in any way one can is a hallmark to look for in qualifying the integrity of a point of view.

The exclamation points and excitement are another clue. Then there is the anti-military viewpoint.

Want to save money? Bring our troops home. Oh, and close Gitmo. It costs $650,000 to house a detainee there, only $28,000 to put them in federal prison.

That misses the point that a primary mission of the federal government is defense. By contrast, the role of government in personal welfare has to be derived and imagined from its mission and scope document, the U.S. Constitution. The assault on defense is also problematic as that is only a small part of the budget and that share is not likely to change in any significant way. What is the problem with the budget is the entitlements which are growing in a very alarming manner.

The challenge for the country is whether Marshall is right in the old school paradigm:

This isn’t about saving money, it’s about getting re-elected; and with Ryan’s plan, the Democrats can thank him for the exodus of senior voters they just won.

The indicators are here, too. One is that the politicians are only about getting re-elected and the other is that the senior voters will buy into the demagoguery. The facts of the matter include Ryan taking up a ‘third rail’ of politics that has been off limits for any politician seeking tenure for decades. Whether the “senior voters” will take up the mantra of the Wisconsin unions and insist on government largess at no cost to them is a matter to be seen. That largess has resulted in unprecedented levels of government debt and politicians like Ryan were elected to turn the trend towards more debt around. It was known and understood that they would face the predictable talking points to the effect that their party wants to kill children, starve the elderly, and otherwise deprive citizens and voters of their health and happiness. Those who elected them are holding their breath hoping that those they elected will not cave to this demagoguery once again so they are delighted to see evidence such as a budget plan that actually addresses financial problems rather than aggravates them.

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