What is the referent in US bashing?

Michael O’Hanlon – Amnesty astray (Washington Times 05jn06) – is a “a former Amnesty International activist and volunteer, and a frequent critic of this administration” who thinks the group has gone a bit too far. He pinpoints one of the more significant problem with the over the top rhetoric finding fault with the US.

When Americans come to Muslims’ aid, as in the Bosnia and Kosovo and Iraq wars, their motives are impugned or their efforts forgotten. When we make mistakes, as we admittedly often do, the errors are magnified and portrayed as deliberate policy. This vicious cycle of misinformation, which engenders more hatred and radicalism, helps explain why the global jihadist movement remains so strong today. We do not need more of this dynamic. We need less.

This is the same pattern of behavior as the Democrats opposing judicial nominees by calling them “extreme” in one way or another. These kinds of allegations fall to the floor when any attempt is made to find an honest reference or measuring stick for them. Rationalizing the hyperbole then becomes a matter of trying to equate a peccadillo with a felony.

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