Weather data when the capitalists do it

The controversies about climate research have put a lot of emphasis on datasets and data quality. That got started when Watt’s surface stations project started to demonstrate the problems with weather data collection. Then it got to the data adjustments used to determine global temperature trends. The picture that has surfaces is not one to make a scientist proud. That is why some folks at Berkley decided to have a go at fixing the many problems that were identified. But recent testimony in a Congressional committee hearing has cast doubt on the Berkley effort being what it was claimed to be.

While BEST is making a public relations train wreck for themselves by touting preliminary conclusions with no data analysis paper in place yet to support their announcements, there have been other things going on in the world of surface data integrity and uncertainty.

There is another resource. It is a private sector resource, a business that has its credibility on the line. It isn’t pushing any ideological agenda but rather trying to sell data for use by others in meeting weather problems and risks. Watts describes it as the source for An investigation of USHCN station siting issues using a cleaned dataset.

I find it encouraging that a private company that provides weather data where risk management is involved, where being right provides economic reward and being wrong mean economic failure, has seen and dealt with the issues of station biases, at least partially. Much more is needed.

The left, those with the most at stake in trying to establish human caused catastrophic climate change, are also those who are most dismissive of greedy capitalist business entities. The accountability, though, is with those businesses, not ideologues in academia and government.

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