Is it cowardice that creates such puzzling nonsense?

Stern Interview: Another Katja Gloger Masterpiece (Ray D. onDavids Medienkritik)

This single interview illustrates an interesting point: The entire picture of the United States government delivered by the German media is remarkably inconsistent. One day the US is the supreme unilateral giant capable of toppling anyone anytime. The next day the US economy is in serious trouble and the military is demoralized, degraded and so short on recruits that it supposedly can’t engage in another campaign even if it needed to.

The confusion about America in Germany is due in large part to the fact that the German media is totally failing to provide Germans with balanced coverage of the United States. Conservatives, as we see in Ms. Gloger’s work, are regularly written-off and smeared as “radicals, religious nuts, gun nuts, reactionaries, right-wing extremists, etc. Conversely, the loudest, most prominent Bush opponents are frequently interviewed, often in a very uncritical way. These Bush critics are almost always presented as mainstream, middle-of-the-road, knowledgeable and moderate experts.

Perhaps one way to understand such behavior is from ShrinkWrapped

One aspect of the situation which has been rarely commented upon has to do with the fundamental cowardice of much of the left. It has been recognized for quite some time that the left (and the Islamofascists) behave as if they are exceptionally insecure. The inability to tolerate differences of opinion is not the behavior of people who are secure in their beliefs and arguments. When people are shouted down, hit with pies in the face to discourage their speaking, or threatened with death-fatwas for insults, real and imagined, they are behaving like bullies. The secret, the discovery of which all bullies dread the most, is that bullies tend to be cowards.

The left wing MSM, NGO’s, Academics, and politicians have multiple motives for their behavior. They are frightened of losing power, frightened of losing influence and money, angry at their ideas losing currency; all these things may be true. However, they are also motivated by a deeply felt and vigorously denied cowardice and this is fundamentally immoral.

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