When the police take sides in a political dispute

There are some wondering if threats of boycott by police if a business doesn’t toe the political line might be worth concern. Another case involves the death threats sent to legislators. Ed has the story – Felony charges filed against teacher in WI e-mail death threats; Update: Track record?

Prosecutors filed two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts against 26-year-old Katherine Windels of Cross Plains, Wisconsin, but only after the Wisconsin Department of Justice sent the district attorney a sharply-worded memo of its own, wondering why prosecutors hadn’t done anything with the referral. It turns out that the woman who sent death threats to sixteen Senators and their families and claimed to have already built the bombs to kill them had never been arrested despite admitting to the charges:

This kind of thing has an analogy from a recent episode in Arizona. Some wacko with a history of expression via threat turned a corner and created a massacre. The behavior was ignored then. It appears similar behavior is being ignored now.

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