Biting the hand that feeds – for how long?

Victor Davis Hanson Our Spoiled and Unhappy Global Elites. From hypocrisy to tedium. (National Review Online 05ma27)

There are easily identifiable constants in these sad examples. Rhetoric is always at odds with lifestyle: A novelist who tours and writes in English is the epitome of the Western liberal tradition that allows freedom of expression, promotes book sales through open markets, and enjoys unfettered peer review. Ms. Roy will always operate deeply embedded in the system she ridicules, and Western grandees will always pay her well for making them feel badly for a few hours. Islamists, Communists, and theocrats — in a Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, or China — would not only not pay her, but might well issue a fatwa, jail time, or a death sentence for what they didn’t like to read or hear.

these ungracious operators all seem to gravitate to, profit from, and then spite the paradigm that created rich global business, media, publishing, and entertainment conglomerates — and themselves.

Or consider the Universities: Rising tuition, rising dependence upon federal research monies, confused mission between a ‘search for the truth’ and the establishment of an ideology.

There is a sickness. Let us hope it does not spread too far.

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