The threat to the republic

For a referent there is the Tea Party. That was a grassroots campaign that, despite accusations and allegations, was civil and resulted in a significant success in elections.

For comparison and contrast, look at the response to those elections.

Jom Hoft: Union thug assaults Tabitha Hale. “This violent creep is with the Communications Workers of America, one of the groups that protested in front of FreedomWorks today, where Tabitha works.” with video

Megan McArdle: The Imperial Presidency. “it seems to me that both parties are increasingly resorting to procedural tricks rather than politics, and it worries me.”

Jeffrey Smith: Professors ask Congress for an ethics code for Supreme Court. “Thomas and Scalia have been criticized by a public interest group for attending private political meetings”

JAMES TARANTO: What They Mean by ‘Civility’: The New York Times raises no objection to murderous, racist rhetoric at a Common Cause rally. “The New York Times editorial page, a division of the New York Times Co., on Saturday endorsed Common Cause’s personal attack on Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.”

Clarice Feldman: Leftist Law Professors Flop Sweat on Obamacare. “a group of law professors have joined the throngs of their more rabid pals to try to get Justices Scalia and Thomas off the case by magnifying silly charges of conflicts and demanding Congressional action to obtain their recusal.”

Brian Doherty: This Is What a Broke Democracy Looks Like. “Wisconsin is an early sign of the stresses that will either shift our system of government action and spending to something unrecognizable to those who lived in the post-WW II boom years or tear that system apart. And everyone seems ready to fight about this necessary shift.”

William Jacobson: All Your Thoughts Are Belong To U.S. “That seems to be the import of the ruling by federal Judge Gladys Kessler in upholding the Obamacare mandate in a suit brought by a group of private plaintiffs in Mead v. Holder”

The tactics here: extreme filibuster, lawfare, attack via insinuation and innuendo, uncivil protest, and more are the threat to the republic. With so many issues and so much going on it is enough to ask “are you worried, yet?”

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