Teachers and Doctors, oh my!

The prominent players in the Wisconsin union rallies have not been union leaders but rather two of the more esteemed professions. The engagement of doctors in the dispute using their state given license to provide legal cover for teachers shirking their work is not helping to professional image of two professions that are generally, or used to be, held in high esteem.

Ford Vox describes the situation at the Atlantic. Wisconsin’s Real Doctors and Their Fake Sick Notes for Protesters.

After viewing the videos at my request last night, Dr. Arthur Derse called me up exclaiming, “Holy mackerel! It’s much worse than it looked in the paper. I’m stunned, absolutely stunned.” Dr. Derse is the Director of Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities a the Medical College of Wisconsin. “When all’s said and done, it’s really the profession of medicine that has the black eye in this case,” he says.

They’ve managed to belittle a public trust between physicians, employers and patients. A doctor’s sick note is a serious document. It represents an employer’s desire to verify through a respected, independent, medically qualified third party the fact of an illness and the true need for convalescence. In the videos now circulating online, we witness multiple members of a noted family medicine department trash one of the well-recognized rights and privileges of their profession, with little forethought as to the consequences.

In many respects this is what has happened to the climatologists when it comes to global warming alarmism.

When commenting on social issues, physicians trade on the honor of our profession, benefiting from the public’s assumption that the wisdom won of caring for so many at their most vulnerable imbues us with some privileged understanding of collective need. … These doctors sacrificed a slice of the medical profession’s credibility for a political cause. Was it worth it? The fallout is mounting.

In this case, the tarnishing is easily seen as a confirmation. The issues of workman’s compensation and the abuse of governmental disability programs aided and assisted by questionable medical diagnosis is one familiar to many workers in the trench. The cost of health insurance and its immediate issue at point in the Wisconsin debate is also on the table. The cost of health care is a significant social issue and this action of a few doctors puts them at suspicion as a major part of the problem.

What Vox highlights is the attitude of the doctors caught on video. That caused many to wonder about whether they really thought through their actions and whether they showed a capability to decide effectively in crisis. The behavior also feeds into growing suspicions about the baby boomers and the ethical and moral morass they seem to be spreading in their wake.

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