Wisconsin Banzai

Strategy Page concludes that al Qaeda has come to calling for the Banzai ethos.

The zealous Banzai attack was not a pillar of Japanese infantry tactics but rather an expression of frustration and despair. When the Japanese launched a Banzai attack, they were announcing that they were in a hopeless situation and would rather die fighting than surrender.

It is interesting comparing this to the demonstrations in Wisconsin. There, it appears the governmental employee unions are also in a Banzai mode although they may not realize the end outcome of their efforts.

There are rationalizations, of course. One of the more interesting issues centers on medical ethics. The Happy Hospitalist has a good rundown on the problems in Fake Doctor Notes at Wisconsin Union Protest Rally (Video and Commentary) of These Obnoxious Citizens.. Paul Hsieh describes it as a new form of ethics that enjoins the concept of social justice. Is it social justice to destroy the image of one’s own profession?

Another potentially self destructive behavior centers on matters of civility. Commentary conducts a Civility Watch: Wisconsin Dems and Unions Cross the Line and describes the conflict. Professor Althouse has been covering the brouhaha in Madison from the ground and her latest is about Madison city salt trucks circle Capitol Square blowing horns in apparent solidarity with protesters as an example of using government funds to protest.

Yet another on this line, but on a different front, is at Jihad Watch. Are We Out-FOXing Our Enemies?. That is about knowing reality and accepting the truth about Islam. The phenomena is about how we deal with reality and coping via denial much as the public employee unions are expressing in Wisconsin.

It’s hard for civic peace-loving Americans to accept this ugly truth. When we hear something strange and disturbing about someone’s religion, we a) find it hard to accept that anyone else really, really believes such things and b) wish to deny or overlook it, since we don’t like to criticize the next man’s religious faith any more than we’d think to mock his wife (and for much the same reason: to avoid a fistfight).

We get hit with reality all the time. How we cope with it is the issue. If we lose the vote do we run from responsibilities as the Wisconsin Democrats have done? Do we take a sick day to wave uncivil signs at the capital as the public employees have? Do we call for suicide attacks as al Qaeda has? Do we pretend something is what it is not as many seem to do about Islam? Do we claim both sides are the same and its all over?

It may be the right time to call the cards, to fish or cut bait. There are many tables at play, many ponds to fish, a lot at stake.

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