Misuse of science: Rose colored glasses with a green tint

This time is was a claim that the delta smelt was endangered and the science was settled. A judge agreed and the results are in. IDB Editorials notes:

This was never about science anyway. “It was … about re-engineering the development of California, particularly the San Joaquin Valley,” said House. “They don’t think the west side should be farmed at all, they want it removed from production, gone to a natural state, re-engineered as a socialist Utopia.”

But some success was achieved.

That ruling turned many of the Valley’s prized vineyards and almond groves into wastelands. Jobs were lost, family farms were shut, fields went fallow and food prices rose.

But there’s been just one problem with this overreaching of the law: Cutting off water didn’t save the smelt.

These efforts cost lives. They impoverish people. The assault is on many fronts from energy to climate to this sort of special interest. The claims and tactics are similar. There is no balance of cost, benefit, and risk: no middle ground. The efforts lack integrity and any awareness of context or implications of actions. How long such fantasies can be maintained is a question whose answer will be determined.

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