The manner of debate is one of the primary indicators about the quality of the argument. There are a number of stories this morning that illustrate tactics.

Delingpole describes How the green lobby smears its enemies.The case is Johnny Ball who had the temerity to ask questions about catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. That warranted an attack to impugn him, his name, and his career.

Then there’s this idea of intimidating the families of politicians. Hollingsworth describes how a Group targets Speaker Boehner’s (small-h) house and asks “When did demonstrating at the private homes of politicians or corporate executives become an acceptable way to voice one’s political opinions?”

Then there is the Wisonsin Democrats who have abandoned their seats in the legislature to prevent a quorum and a vote on budget matters, especially those that impact Union power.

The protests also provide material for comparison and contrast. The Tea Party protests that moved the election last November provides a standard and the current – gimme my money – protests are ugly, dirty, and uncivil by comparison.

Peter seems “quite sure” that both Democrats and Republicans would behave this way in similar circumstances. The current events and recent history as well as these events indicate that the equivalence is a desire and not a reality. There is a difference and an acceptance of that difference is necessary before progress can be made.- how can anyone choose which is better if there is no difference?

It should be noted that it was the outcome of the elections in November that started this. The people voted. The protests now are about trying to upend that vote and set it aside. That is the decision

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