Overly sensitive about Lucas?

Some folks have started finding things in the new Star Wars Episode 3 due for release 19 May that indicate a BushBashing tilt. The villain saying ‘you are either with us or against us’ countered by the hero Jedi proclaiming that this kind of binary logic is an evil trait is given as one example.

Others point out that the themes in Star Wars were laid out by Lucas long ago and model classic rise and fall of empire stories from the Romans and Napolean.

There are other things to consider.

One is the basic fallasy in the argument about binary logic and nuance. How can you have a “dark side” and then label any such binary arguments as characteristic of that dark side? This is rather confused. Those who argue for nuance cannot put it as universal else there is no nuance about whether or not it really exists. Having only nuance is as binary as having no nuance. It is one of those logical conundrums that can only be accepted as a meaningless plattitude of thinkers not considering the consequences of their rant against absolutes. There are indeed issues that have stark dividing lines. The issue isn’t whether you are against us or for us but rather whether the cause is worth being for or against and whether you really know that cause.

The Star Wars saga also falls prey to a common scifi theme of advancing technology being correlated with regression in society. All that technology and yet the social structures go towards Roman models? This is the laser sword versus blaster conundrum. If you can deflect a ray from a gun, why can’t you do the same for the swipe from a sword? Occam’s razor takes a beating trying to rationalize that one.

For government, technology provides better communications and transparency. It is much more difficult to hide things with very many independant eyes and ears ‘out there’ who have instantaneous communications they can use to share what they see and hear. Corruption and malfeasance in government become more visible. Arguments become more personal. Individuals become more aware of the options available to them and better empowered to implement those choices. These are not the conditions that empower and sustain centralized top down governments such as empires and dictatorships.

If you get your giggles from deep introspection about the theologic or philosophic underlying meaning or you just enjoy looking at the abuse of science and technology in movies, go right ahead. You have company and others of similar interest to discuss what you find.

But let’s not get oversensitive. The Star Wars saga makes for an entertaining set of stories where we can turn ourselves loose from reality for a while and imagine something ‘far far away in another time.’

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