Constructed reality and the reduction fallacy

Many seem to want to reduce the Iraq war to a simple matter of WMD. That may be why they are all over a recent story about the defector who says he lied about Iraqi WMD and whose story was a prominent resource for US intelligence. Jay Tea has a good rundown that illustrates just how constructed this meme is. No WMD? BFD. Reducing the war to one issue and then reducing that to one source is a reduction fallacy.

In my universe, things unfolded a little bit differently. First up, no official in the Bush administration ever stated definitively stated that Saddam had WMDs. … Next, in my universe, the WMD issue was not the whole justification for the invasion. It was not even the main one. It was one of 23 justifications, as passed by Congress … Also in my universe, no one in the Bush administration ever tried to tie Saddam to 9/11. Yes, they cited connections between Saddam and Al Qaeda, but they proved those pretty conclusively. Al Qaeda was just one of the numerous Islamist terrorist groups that Saddam supported.

As I said, that’s how things played out in my universe. How do I tell my universe apart from the universe constructed by the left?

He does offer one suggestion for how to discriminate between the two. The problem is that when reality is tossed out the window, anything that one might offer might not be sufficient.

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