CatchUp Mid May

Reid stepped in it again. First calling the President a “loser” and now doing a McCarthy by citing secret results of a confidential FBI report he should have not been able to see in order to slander a nominee. There is a complaint by the Department of Justice regarding an abuse of its confidentiality agreements with the Senate and now it appears that there may be an ethics investigation.

CBS is doing another cover-up to try to avoid culpability in misquoting Ken Starr. It appears that CBS was going over the line to try to warp Judge Starr into appearing to support the Democrat’s party line on judicial fillibusters.

The Newsweek contribution to the ‘media hates Bush’ examples is generating some controversy. It lead to a White House press conference that put a media bias case example on record (again) as attempts were made to rationalize Newsweek’s poor journalistic practice and blame the administration. Then there are some who observe the manipulation of hypersensitive Muslims. Sticky wicket in Koran story by Mark Steyn has a good take on that angle.

This disaster required a combination of factors. We can’t do much about Muslim fanatics; we probably can’t do much about our self-worshipping vanity media whose reflexive counter-tribalism has robbed it of all sense of perspective or proportion. But we ought to apply pressure on the link between the two worlds — the self-serving elites who enjoy the privileges of the West even as they exploit their coreligionists’ ignorance of it.

Then there is the Pepsi executive who gave a speech to Columbia MBA graduates. The analogy was five continents to five fingers of the hand and guess which finger was used for the US? The ‘Ugly American’ apologists are still at it despite money, despite sacrifice, despite the reality.

A Washington Post editorial was complaining about conservative tactics as used in the Newsweek story. It seems they have this “fake but accurate” syndrome. The story may have depended upon some error that conservatives pounced upon in order to discredit the story and the teller and the media in general, but everyone ‘knows’ that the essence was accurate, don’t they? The problem (for the WaPo) is that the US military has bent over backwards to accomodate religious practice of its prisoners and desecration of the Koran is not an accurate depiction of US policy or practice.

There are several of these stories that many in the MSM seem to know are true but are having trouble trying to find actual evidence to support. The Bush National Guard service and the falsity of the Swift Vet’s allegations are two examples. Bias in the media is sourced from knowledge of things that aren’t true. This leads to gross errors in journalistic practice, rationalizations of behavior that lead to errors, minimizing of implications and effects, and attacks on any who dare to point out the problems.

And now the fillibuster abuses come to the fore as character assination against honorable judges continues apace. Russert took on Dean in a Meet the Press interview that provided additional insight for those trying to see where the intellectual integrity is on the left side of the aisle. The pot simmers.

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