Is Microsoft saying something political

BSOD – the Blue Screen of Death – is what you get when Microsoft Windows crashes and you have to reboot loosing anything you had not committed fully to disk.

Mary Jo Foley reports (Move Over, Blue Screen of Death?, 05ma10):

Some Longhorn testers are seeing red. But never fear, Microsoft execs say: There will be no Red Screen of Death in the next version of Windows, due in 2006.

As if the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” that plagues users of existing Windows variants weren’t enough, some beta testers are reporting that they’ve encountered a new “Red Screen of Death” in early versions of Longhorn.

Now, what with the latest political stance on gay rights by Microsoft, the Microsoft hometown Seattle election problems, and the media’s recent blue states vs red states fixation, a conspiracist might have something to chew on here. Is there something behind this change of blue to red as a signal for disaster?

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