It is only by a third: budget detail

After the SOTU speech and Paul Rand’s response, the Fox All Stars complained that the Republicans offered no solid ideas to combat the budget problem. That complaint has a long history but was rather puzzling in this case. The All Stars seem to have become stuck inside the beltway of the past. David Freddoso provides A detailed look at the Rand Paul spending bill at the Washington Examiner. Rand Paul has been selected as the Chair of the Budget Committee in the House. His ideas refute the Fox panel’s assertions sufficiently to make one wonder about that panel.

Want to save $500 billion this year? Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has a way to do it.

Is it realistic? Maybe not every part of it, but have a look below and judge for yourself.

Most of what is proposed is to return to 2008 spending levels. “remember that a 30 percent cut is less than it seems when an agency’s budget been increasing by 40 percent over the last few years.”

The suggestions include cutting the Government Printing Office – bills can now be distributed via the I’net rather than having to print them on paper. NOAA gets nearly a billion cut so maybe it’s climate research efforts would get some appropriate examination. Energy and Education departments would be minimized and Energy subsumed into Defense. Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Office of Justice Programs would be among those abolished.

VA services would be centralized and left alone. Other programs untouched would include things like OSHA, MSHA, the Employment and Training Administration, and the SSA.

Another common meme that the mainstream media pundits use to limit their views is the idea that the public just won’t go for reductions such as the Rand bill proposes. They say that both sides demagogue any efforts equally and the public buys into the assertions made. They seem to forget that it is a responsibility of the media to help get the story straight and to take apart the fallacies in the demagoguery rather than to promote them. One only has to look at the previous administration’s efforts to relieve the Social Security problem to see how this propaganda machine worked.

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