All breathless: found one!

The features its story Climate sceptic ‘misled Congress over funding from oil industry’ to support the thesis that those contesting the established global warming political environment are in the grip of ‘big oil.’

A leading climate sceptic patronised by the oil billionaire Koch brothers faced a potential investigation today on charges that he misled Congress on the extent of his funding from the oil industry.

Patrick Michaels, a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute, a thinktank founded by Charles and David Koch to promote their libertarian, anti-government views, appeared before the house energy and commerce committee in February 2009.

One of the first things this brings to mind is “Patrick who?” If you are up on the climate research brouhaha, you will know about people like Watts, Pielke, Montford, and Spencer as raising questions. Michaels is not on that list.

Besides the ambiguities regarding funding and the tortuous linkages necessary to support the thesis that are featured in the ‘news’ story and the fact that its numbers don’t quite mesh with its presuppositions, there is the question about why Michaels “was the only one in the line-up of witnesses to cast doubt on global warming, testifying that mainstream science had exaggerated the threat posed by climate change.” Why did the committee choose to only hear from one person who was not one of the primary sources of the criticism of climate research?

It seems to fit with Alinsky’s rules (e.g. Alinsky’s rules with examples) about picking a target and then doing absolutely anything necessary to destroy it. An expression of intellectual integrity it is not.

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