Focus: economic benefactors

That ‘American Greed’ and what it does for us is Dr. Sowell’s topic reminding us of New Heroes vs Old. He reminds us of what folks like Rockefeller and Ford did for us and then notes:

We still have people revolutionizing our lives. Just think of the
computer and the pharmaceutical drugs that have not only lengthened our
lives but made them more healthful, so that being 80 years old today is
like being 60 years old in times past.

But today we seldom even know the names of those who have made
these monumental contributions to human well-being. All we know is that
some people have gotten “rich” and that this is to be regarded as some
sort of grievance.

Many of the people we honor today are people who are skilled in
the rhetoric of grievances and promises of new “rights” at someone
else’s expense. But is that what is going to make a better America?

Where is the focus? When some does something that really helps us out but they get rich doing it, that seems to be a point for contempt, not admiration (any more).

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