Plato’s Cave

It is about people held slave in a cave under the spell of witches who break free and how they react.

Only when a prisoner is released from his bonds does he see the sleight of hand — the puppeteers and all their paraphernalia.  As he climbs out of the cave into the bright sunlight he is temporarily blinded, his eyes having for so long been accustomed to the dark.   The ex-prisoner is understandably frightened and bewildered by this new world.  And he must learn to see what is around him without the puppeteers’ filtering.  But it is only then, after this uncomfortable journey into the bright and unfamiliar world around him, that the prisoner finally can think and understand, that he can appreciate what is real and true from that which is artificial and contrived.

Clarice Feldman says this Allegory of the Cave of the Mama Grizzly is behind the Palin Derangement.

I think others at first will hate Palin for taking them into the blinding light, but that with time and more media stunts like last week’s, they and the Times and USA readers, the present consumers of the medias’ distortions, will get some glimpses of life outside the cave and come to realize the distinction between truth and reality on one hand and projected lies and make-believe on the other.

There is a comparison and contrast here as well. There are those who are struggling to deal with reality such as Feldman describes and then there are those trying to understand why those folks are having such a hard time, such as Feldman and Taranto. It is between those who are in denial when set free in the sunshine of the real world and those who seek out ways to understand and accommodate and incorporate what they see into their understanding of the world.

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