On matters of civility, honesty, and the media

There are some taking note about how major media has a Palin Problem. First, they blamed her for the Arizona tragedy. Then, when she provided a rebuttal, they lambasted her for inserting herself into the dialog. That is a classic “can’t win” scenario like the “when did you stop beating your wife” question.

US News follows up on this wishful anti-Palin stance. Consider this morning’s commentary: Why Sarah Palin Is Wrong About Michelle Obama’s Weight Gain Fight; Sarah Palin’s Poll Numbers Hit New Low; Arizona Shooting Bungle Sinks Sarah Palin’s 2012 Presidential Bid; Milligan: Sarah Palin’s Stunning Narcisissm… all in one day!

Integrity was the first victim here. Palin offered a snide comment about government trying to dictate what one could eat when fixing s’mores for children at a campout – that has turned into an anti First Lady policy statement. The Poll Numbers indicates, if anything, a crowing about the success of a rather vicious smear campaign. The last is the paradigm problem mentioned earlier: if you listen to Palin, a run for president is not what she puts first on her priorities. Note also the use of the modifier “stunning” as it is rather typical of this ilk along with such things as “vitriolic” and “hate filled” – all of which tend to be rather hard for an objective observer to see.

The “Presidential Bid” – anticipated, fantasized, or whatever, appears to be the major irritant for these folks. They can’t seem to see anything else and they have no qualms about anything that must be done to prevent it. That is where civility has lost and will continue to loose.

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