What are you selling

Peter Schramm describes the experience he had visiting Air Force and Marine recruiters with a young man. The Air Force recruiter sold his service as another 8-5 job with special benefits. The Marine sold his as the tip of the spear. “All the branches offer the same tangible benefits. But we offer the intagibles. Pride, honor, patriotism.”

The modern day conventional and self proclaimed idealists tend to scorn the greedy, capitalistic, self centered war mongerers. They are the ones who burn the flag and proclaim that their patriotism is expressed by venom and invective towards the country that defends them and its defenders.

Here is what Dean (Vietnam Memories and Parallels
05ma16) says about one of the latest episodes of such people’s expression:

There was a time when I thought the press had a bias problem, but one that could easily be corrected if they were just open minded and a little more thoughtful. But nowadays? When it comes to coverage of the war? I simply no longer think that. I feel betrayed by them. I think they’re mostly a bunch of cynical, selfish, shallow, unpatriotic jerks–jerks who have no understanding of military matters, a shallow grasp of history, and no sense of proportion at all. So they will happily repeat lie after lie all in the name of a phony “objectivity” that they clearly do not possess.

Michael Isikoff isn’t a fluke. He’s the single lesion on a single cell that reveals the pathology that’s destroying the entire organism.

Schramm’s story indicates that there are some who realize that patriotism is something much more positive. It can be a binding force. It can be idealistic yet grounded in positive moral values.

The point for sales is one for anyone, whether in the commercial sector or the nonprofit sector or in government. What sells is what makes people feel like they contribute, they belong, they are worthy, and they make a difference for the better.

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