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Peter Wehner says The Left Is Still Unwilling to Work Toward Balance and Moderation – and why he thinks so with examples.

In the wake of the Tucson massacre, most of us hoped that we would have moved passed this extreme, grotesque politicization of the event. We had hoped that President Obama’s wonderful speech would be understood by the left that it was to cease and desist, and work to regain its balance after nearly a week of slander. But apparently, some on the left are so consumed by politics that it tints every lens they look through; it impacts every act in life; and it colors every living, breathing thought they have. And so the forthcoming health-care debate is now being framed in the context of the Tucson massacre (the not-so-subtle argument is that health care contributed to the “climate of hate” that the left still wants to insist contributed to the violence on that awful day).

The fact that liberals are acting disgracefully in the process seems not to bother them at all. It should.

Rick Richman On the Persistence of Palin and the Possibility of Pence takes up the Palin Paradigm Problem.

She may nonetheless conclude that her candidacy would be a distraction from the issues she champions, and that another candidate might be better positioned to present them. If so, she might open up the Pence Possibility — a candidacy by someone whose Hillsdale College speech last September was remarkable in my view and came considerably closer to Lincoln than another recent one.

John Sexton takes on Three Exculpatory Facts the MSM Continues to Overlook in the Arizona Shootings.

It’s pointless to blame partisans like Kos and Krugman for being partisans, but the mainstream media–the networks and major dailies–are responsible for allowing this lie to propagate unchecked. It was their job to do more than serve as a conduit for left-wing agitprop and in this instance they failed.

With the omission of the Democratic maps, minimizing of the timeline, and scant attention to Loughner’s actual ideology the MSM has helped the cause of left-wing ideologues. Whether this was intentional is open to debate, but the fact that a sizable cross-section of America now believes Saturday’s shootings can be partly (if not largely) laid at the feat of Sarah Palin and the right is hard evidence of their collective failure.

Tim Ball gets into the science abuse in Queensland Flooding Exploited – But Part of Normal Pattern. These floods provide an example of where misguided policy decisions based on ideology rather than empiricism has cost lives. After similar floods back in 1974, plans were made to build weirs and other flood control devices. Only one such device was built and fears of drought, based on climate alarmism, made it ineffective. Dr. Ball provides the background on the oceanography and meteorology behind the flooding and why the policies were misguided.

Just two years ago the headlines were bewailing the severe drought in Queensland. Environmentalists exploited the situation with threatening headlines like, “Queensland’s Drought-Parched to drink Purified Sewage.” The stupidity of this is many people drink purified sewage water. … Proponents of human caused global warming didn’t miss the opportunity. They are environmental and scientific practitioners of Rahm Emmanuel’s dictum, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Of course, their advantage is the practice of portraying natural events as unnatural and catastrophic. It means they never run out of crises.

The swing from drought to flood is part of the natural order in Queensland. They’re driven by reversing ocean currents that alternately create El Nino then La Nina patterns. They’re Spanish names because they first recorded them. Pacific People knew them and the associated weather patterns. Figure 1 shows the general conditions. When Sir Francis Drake sailed into the Pacific in 1579, he gathered information about the currents and took Morera, a Spanish navigator, with him. After sailing ships disappeared, concern and knowledge of the winds and currents were essentially forgotten.

January 2011 sets the year off to quite a start. There are so many issues that have bubbled up to the surface that it will likely take a while before they fade,

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