Truthfulness is appealing

The latest round in the Palin Derangement Expression has provided at least one example of where observable reality has surfaced on the left. Glen took note and started one of his famous ‘Insta-avalanches’ that drowned the target blog with error “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.” Da Techguy’s Blog started it.

One way to look at this is that the readers of one of the most popular weblogs are hungry for a discussion of the issues that is founded in integrity rather than delusion. It is extremely rare to find an avowed leftist whose opinion is not tainted – such as the perception that Palin was “livid” on Hannity’s show or that the folks like Palin and Limbaugh are typically “vitriolic” and ‘full of hate.’ These sorts of descriptions do not meet the laugh test but are still used and accepted a priori by the most visible of Palin and Limbaugh’s idealogical opponents. You can’t have a meaningful discussion with someone who isn’t in touch with reality.

This Palin problem also highlights the meme about the dual class structure in US politics. Those in the beltway paradigm – most of the major pundits and the MSM – can only see Palin as a wanna’be Presidential candidate. That is all they know. But Palin isn’t acting like your usual political hack who is gaming for a nomination to that office. When they evaluate her behavior against the paradigm they know, the result is dismissive. When, or if, they discover another paradigm for Palin, the commentary might take a different slant.

Meanwhile, the issue of free speech in political dialog with its components of passion, civility, honesty, and integrity will remain on the table. People have died for this issue in the past and that says something about its importance. The topic is not as visceral as an assassination so it remains secondary. It’s primacy will only be seen in its tenure.

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