The panic virus

It’s been one panic after another about mankind’s doom with a faux-scientific mantra for something over fifty years now. Several of these panics have hit the fan of empiricism lately. Ed Driscoll provides a rundown in ‘Left Wing Creationism’.

There is the autism fraud. The title of a new book on this is The Panic Virus that details the fraud. Salon has yanked a 5 year old article they put up based on Rolling Stone Magazine’s “research” and changed the link to a portal on autism. There are stories around about how some parents still think whooping cough and mumps would be less traumatic for children than a vaccine, though.

Climate change is another of the panics that has had recent discussion and inspection. The reality is sinking in such that some of the proponents of climate alarmism are resorting to eliminationist rhetoric to defend their beliefs – which then brings in the ‘civil discussion’ debate which is its own panic.

If you watch the news, you’ll note that the panic about the cost of oil, which is near levels that were a big panic a few years ago, has been muted. What it trying to surface instead is a food panic about increasing costs of basic foodstuffs and reduced supply and starvation (oh, my!).

Watch for it. The only vaccine for a doomsday panic virus is integrity in reasoning backed up by empirical methods.

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