The nature of the argument.

Shrinkwrapped attempts to find a measuring stick for extremism in the blogosphere. Perhaps the search for such a metric could start with observation of debate in more official quarters or venues of broader distribution.

At what point does Old Media bother to tell the country that Senator Schumer has the credibility of a carnival barker on this issue, but lacks the manners of that profession?

Hugh Hewitt uses Senator Schumer’s arguments to show just how bad arguments have become. Schumer, whether intentionally presenting falsehoods or doing so by ignorance, presents the senate as a populace body rather than a state’s representative body, misrepresents ‘checks and balances’ as an internal Senate thing rather than a branches of government thing, and presents a false pretense of civility while conducting an ad-hominem assault.

Here is how the Radio Blogger described it (The last act of a desparate Chuckie Schumer? 05ma11)

As for the venom spewed by Chuckie on the floor of the Senate yesterday, it was just that. Venom. And there wasn’t an ounce of logic, reason, or truth behind it. Just raw venom. Here’s a sample.

The fact is that the people have voted. Both by the populace at large and in the expression of each of the states of the union. The question is the extent to which this majority of both populace and entities of the union must go to express their desires in a way to be accepted by the minority. It is this extent that provides one measure for extremism in the minority.

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