Optimism is a source of strength

When a democratic public loses faith in the future – as France did in the 1930s, as Britain did in the 1970s and as too many Americans are doing today – it is something to correct promptly, not a reason to rejoice secretly. Optimism is a source of our strength.

Tony Blankley discusses the American miracle and what we need to do to keep it. In the recent time of great stress with the government trying to solve everyone’s ills, What Blankley notices was that “The American people feared the permanent loss of liberty more than they feared the temporary loss of their income or property.”

No other people in the world would have responded to economic danger by seeking more liberty and less government protection. No other people would have thought to themselves, “If I have to suffer economically in order not to steal from my grandchildren, so be it.”

So in this Christmas season, as many of us prepare to fall to our knees in thanks for the gift of our eternal optimism and salvation, let us also celebrate the continuing miracle of the American people’s abiding love of liberty – and acceptance of the sacrifices it will take to keep that liberty.

Merry Christmas, and, pray God, may He continue to bless America.

It is a gift to be cherished and maintained. We can keep it if only we will.

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