The grass sometimes has trouble growing in the desert

Guy Benson says Angle’s Divided House Aided Her Fall. The idea is that “another major problem plagued Team Angle: Competing factions and internal power struggles.” It was an example of the ‘established elite’ trying to figure out what to do with the Tea Party and the grass roots. Angle was not strong enough to overcome the dissonance in Nevada on her side of the aisle.

While Benson thinks Reid ran an excellent campaign, others point out the amount of money he spent, collusion with the gaming industry and unions, the fact that the Hispanic vote put him over the top with promises of the Dream Act, and lax Nevada voting identification requirements.

It is the struggle of many independent minded individuals against an establishment that has deep roots. Some think the extension of the current tax levels and other events in the lame duck session indicate that, perhaps, there is an awareness of the need to tend the lawn before it turns to weeds and takes over the property.

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