Never had it so good: cheap Christmas

CNN Money says it’s the Cheapest Christmas ever (ht BrothersJudd). “The reasons for the plunging prices have to do with advances in technology, manufacturing, retailing, and the global economy.” The reality doesn’t faze many, though, who insist upon everything going downhill and everything getting more expensive. They may not realize the impact the prices have had on them.

And just because stuff is cheaper doesn’t mean our total bill will be less. We simply buy more of the cheap stuff. Plus, the really high-end stuff hasn’t fallen in price, and that’s always tops on anyone’s wish list.

What all this means is that the poor are better off than ever before and that the talk about “spreading the wealth” is happening – but in a capitalist way rather than the socialist way. You don’t have to forcibly take it from the ‘filthy rich’ in order to give it to those more needy. Those ‘filthy rich’ got that way by producing better product at less cost. So both the ‘filthy rich’ and the ‘more needy’ benefit.

It brings to mind the fable about the goose that laid the golden egg. Why do so many want to kill that goose?

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