The clerks have no accountability for their views

James Lewis: Britain’s new Treason of the Clerks (American Thinker 05ap26)

A dirty little secret is that totalitarian ideologies always empower intellectuals. The best name for all the bloody-minded professors of the last hundred years comes from a Frenchman named Julien Benda. It is the title of his book, The Treason of the Clerks. The treasonous “clerks” are the intellectuals of Europe, who directly inspired all of its mass-murdering ideologies, ever since Lenin and Hitler

It was Europe’s clerks who conceived of National Socialism a century before the Nazis came to power. It was they who connived at Hitler’s Final Solution, and they who carried out Lenin’s bloody war on the peasants of Russia and the Ukraine. Stalin thought of himself as an intellectual. For decades, Fabian ideologues in England pushed Stalin’s propaganda, just as they went into great spasms of outrage to defend Saddam Hussein two years ago. American universities are now politically correct “islands of tyranny in a sea of freedom,” but Europe led the way. Our campus bullies are only a pale copy of theirs.

Winston Churchill called them “bloody-minded professors” at the time, and bloody-minded professors is what they still are today.

In old-fashioned thinking, the university was about a search for truth. It was about tolerance and free debate, and an honest effort to find evidence one way or the other. The PC academy has put all that bourgeois nonsense behind it. It already knows the Truth, and it will lie, cheat, and yes, support murder to make others obey the Party Line. That is the record of the 20th century. Today, we are just seeing more of the same.

It is an interesting deflation of those who express intellectual hubris by applying the term ‘treasonous clerks. ‘

A clerk is defined as a clergyman or ecclesiastic; a man who could read; a scholar or learned person; – intelligent and ideologically driven but not necessarily a leader or an entrepreneur or innovative. This is a person who is not so aware of the potential, the possibilities, the side effects of dreams and desires; a person whose ideas are disconnected from the real world.

But this does not explain why these treasonous clerks obsess on mild prisoner abuse yet ignore government sponsored rape rooms or obsess on war casualties yet ignore mass unmarked graves. It does not explain the violent behavior while demonstrating for peace. It does not explain the dellusional characterization of others as a form of debate and argument.

There are times to dream, but there is also a need to solve problems in the real world as it is now. The treasonous clerks appear to hindering such solutions and not helping to find and implement them. They need to be held to account for their behavior.

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