wikileaks and candor

There are some that are conflicted (e.g. Shirky or Suehle) about an individual releasing confidential state documents on the I’net. They seem to think it is some sort of free speech thing and assume that the various vendors who have withdrawn services to the leaker did so due to government pressure – without evidence of such. Then there are those who see the leaking as a cause and are retaliating with attacks on the websites of the service vendors.

Another group is studying the methods used to keep the website available despite service withdrawals.

There seems to be a lot of skin and very little depth in many of these views. Austin Bay asserts:

Here’s WikiLeaks’ bottom-line revelation: Assange and ideologues like him promote an ignorant and destructive solipsism that has nothing to do with peace and justice but a lot to do with sociopathic narcissism.

There are examples for comparison and contrast. One is the release of the climate research material that had been withheld from FOIA requests. Some see that as equivalent. Another is the police problem with recording their public behavior (e.g. Cop Promises Cameraman He’ll Be Raped in Jail and Reason‘s analysis: The war on cameras)

There is a set of phenomena here and it is difficult to determine which is most significant. One is the self delusion based on a lack of intellectual integrity. Another is in the ‘hate America’ meme and its family. There is no doubt that there are things to fix and things that need improvement but there seems to be very little consideration about whether one has properly identified the problems or that one’s approach is truly working towards solutions.

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