The establishment reaction to antiestablishmentarianism

The post election 20:20 hindsight effort is in full swing. This is mostly an establishment activity, either political or media, to try to ‘explain’ losses and cast aspersions and blame on what they don’t like. In the most recent election, they have a nice label to put on their enemies or opponents. Rob Port describes the situation in addressing the question Did The Tea Party Cost Republicans The Senate?. He comments on a Michael Gerson column.

You have to love the condescension. Tea partiers are all well and good at rallies, I guess, but we should leave candidate selection up to the experts. The threat to the future of Republicans doesn’t lay with Sarah Palin but rather the establishment demoralizing their base by expecting them to get in line behind milquetoast, not-that-conservative candidates.

The Tea Party is a movement and not a party. It is a movement in the classic hippy 60’s antiestablishmentarianism ethos except it isn’t hippies, it is ‘middle America.’ It is the grass roots speaking to the establishment. The evidence is that the establishmentarians are having a tough time with their listening skills. The common thread with the ‘populist’ or tea party movement candidates losses is that, while they won their political party nomination, they did not gain their political party establishment support. In some cases, such as in Alaska, the establishment political party support went to the candidates that lost the party nomination. That is evidence of denial, not listening and acceptance.

But for all Gershon’s whining about the tea party having cost Republicans the Senate, it’s worth noting that Republicans actually did better in the Senate, relatively speaking, than they did in the House

The denial or dismissal of simple facts such as this also indicate that acceptance of the grass roots is not in evidence. Sometimes acceptance of reality can require time. The patience of the grass roots may limit that time and if the political establishment does not get a proper grip on reality soon, they may suffer the outcome of confrontation in a situation where suffer significant damage will be likely.

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