You’d think the engineers could think analytically

Chappell Brown, managing editor for EE Times has an opinion in the April 11 edition that illustrates a number of the flaws that can arise when wishful thinking overcomes rationality.

The first flaw is comparing energy policy to social security as if the future of both were statistical probabilities of similar quality. Talk about comparing apples to oranges and pretending to make any sense! One is a natural resource and the other is a governmental social program.

Then there is the “record price” for gasoline. This is false in terms of inflation adjusted dollars. And to not use inflation adjusted numbers is dishonest.

Then there is myth of benign solar power. As if manufacturing acres of silicon devices did not have any chemicals or hazardous waste involved.

The “run out of oil” myth is another one. Natural resources don’t just all of a sudden disappear. They become more and more difficult to find and more and more difficult to extract to a usable form.

You’d think an engineering publication would be a good source for rational argument of ideas based on a good understanding of science and technology. In this case, you’d need to think again.

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