The America bashing pastime conundrums

Consider the never-ending narrative of American decline. My historical knowledge isn’t super-deep, but I know for certain that that drum has been kicked at least since Sputnik (’50s), continuing through the Vietnam War (’60s), the closing of the gold window and the oil embargo / stagflation (’70s), the rise of Japan (’80s), European integration (’90s), and now the rise of the BRICs, especially China.

Seeking Alpha thinks It’s Time for the U.S. to Recognize Its Place in the World.

The entire industrialized world is concerned that a relatively small program in the U.S. is going to threaten their entire economies. … The U.S. needs to recognize its place in the world, and act like a hegemon should. … The U.S. should not set policy out of fear of decline.

Thoughts often lead actions. So far, the U.S. has been able to avoid following the thoughts of those very vocal folks who insist the U.S. is in decline. The worries as to whether this will continue to be the case are gaining notice. The recent election showed that. The economic stress is providing opportunities, too.

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