Screams of horror? Federal budget cut ideas

The Heritage Foundation has a suggestion about How to Cut $343 Billion from the Federal Budget that lists nearly a hundred programs in six areas as targets.

With Congress adding over a trillion a year to the national debt, saving a third of a trillion seems to be rather small. But it would be a start towards a change in direction.

Almost all of the proposed cuts in federal spending will provoke strong objections from constituencies that benefit from having Members of Congress give them taxpayer money taken from someone else. Yet the difficulties caused by each of these cuts should be measured against the status quo option of doubling the national debt over the next decade, risking an economic crisis, and drowning future generations in taxes.

Governing involves difficult choices, and Congress simply cannot continue to court long-term disaster for all merely to avoid short-term difficulties for some.

There are some states that have taken this issue to hand. The governor in New Jersey has achieved some fame for his efforts here. Texas has managed to avoid most of the financial mayhem. California, on the other hand, has decided that banning Happy Meals in San Francisco and taxing business not in compliance with ideological goals is the way to go, still.

We will have the opportunity to see the results of these decisions one way or the other.

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