A confused electorate

CBS News reports on exit polling in Nevada to determine Harry Reid Wins in Nevada: How He Did It. It appears that the white, elderly, and middle class tended to vote for Angle while the non-white, academic elite, and young votors put Reid over the top.

About 2/3 cite the economy as the most important issue and that group leans towards Reid. 42% think that government can create jobs so they supported Reid. Those unhappy with the government or seeking change went for Angle.

Overall, it appears that the Republicans picked up about 60 house seats and 6 Senate seats. That big a shift last happened in the immediate post WW II years.

Then there’s California … it appears a continuation of the path they have been following is one they choose to continue following. This state is going to be interesting to watch as the path it is choosing is very costly and its direction is determined by the coastal towns where the very rich or isolated elite hold sway. The farmers are not heard and the middle class is leaving. The debate has already started about whether or not the federal government should provide bailout assistance when (not if) it will be needed.

Both the Nevada exit polling and the California voting patterns tend to add fuel to the concerns about social segregation between those who produce wealth and those who depend upon that wealth for their lifestyle.

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