In despair? Ready to call it quits?

It’s time to get out and vote. If you’re feeling “what’s the use,” Reverend Roberts has advice about What To Do When [you think] Things Keep On Getting Worse

There was a rally this weekend about ‘restoring sanity’ and promoting civil discourse in political discussion. It was the one with hate signs regarding political enemies. It was a counter gathering to show up a political rival’s event. That sort of behavior only highlights to insidious nature of “The bonds that hold society together are being severed as people lose the ability to determine right from wrong.”

When things seem to keep on getting worse, many people throw up their hands in defeat. They figure they cannot make a difference in the world, so they choose to live for themselves and their momentary pleasures. Others sink into a pit of cynicism and negativity. Still others find the moral resolve to try and fight back, to stand for goodness in the face of mounting evil.

But sometimes the referent for what is good and what is not is misplaced. Much misery has been caused by well meaning efforts that did not look closely at their values and standards. As with much of one’s behavior, the motivations and stimulus is not always readily visible and there is competition within one’s self that will influence what one does. That is where the introspection from prayer can be used to guide one’s direction.

Please protect me, Lord, from a defeatism that sets me free to pursue my own selfish gain. Keep me from cynicism that can sound so wise even as it excuses me from making a difference for good in the world. Help me not to rely on myself and my own efforts, as if I had either the calling or the ability to change the world.

There is a responsibility each of us has as a member of society. We cannot live as a group if we just give up in despair when there is crime or other destructive behavior. But we also must exercise intellectual integrity and be aware of our own behavior and its sources.

Is it your “selfish gain” or is it what is right? How do you know? Your vote will make a difference.

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