For those who insist they are all the same

AJStrata provides an illustration for those in deep denial who insist that both sides are the same. “Democrat” Rally In DC Was Actually A March Of America’s Enemies compares and contrasts two recent gatherings on the mall. The graphic flips between pictures of the two rallies and provides a clear indication of the differences in attendance.

There is no clearer choice in this election cycle than between those who were represented by the Glenn Beck Palin rally (which talked about the Constitution and living a respectful life) and the Marxists and socialist who marched on DC this weekend to show Democrat solidarity.

It should be noted that the second rally was an attempt to show up the first. That in itself is an attitude worthy of note. The purpose was ‘polluted’ and confrontational and not just a show of support for a particular point of view.

Another point of contrast is making the rounds as well. Some had noted that the Beck rally left no trace after the participants had dispersed and gone home. It appears that the response rally was a bit more ‘normal’ as a lot of trash was left behind after the rally. Again, pictures are starting to surface to provide comparison and contrast.

Yes, there are differences. Crowd size, manner of attendance, reason for rallying, and civility all provide a contrast for those who observe. Denigrating and diminishing these contrasts may make one feel more comfortable but comfort is not always a result of reality.

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