‘When can we go back to living our lives again?’

Perhaps an awareness is arising that things have changed. GOTV is Only the Beginning: Welcome to the 100-Year War takes note of ‘traditional’ Americans becoming concerned about Marxist oriented politics.

Many Americans are only now realizing how deeply America has been corrupted and compromised, and how long the battle ahead will be in order to save the Republic. Moreover, if American liberty is to survive the war waged from within by the Marxist/socialist/progressive movement, Americans must understand that this fight for America’s future must be fought to the finish.

The point was illustrated by a question asked of Nikki Haley: ‘When can we go back to living our lives again?’ It is also illustrated by the Tea Part movement.

The problem is not one that can be solved by winning one election or taking a short road. The problem is that of addressing the populace that has fallen for failed ideologies and wants to try them, yet again, in the U.S. As a problem of education going upstream against fantasies and desires, it will be a tough row to hoe and will take time.

Don’t plan on getting back to living your lives again outside of social concerns anytime soon.

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