Just the facts? Whither Toyota? Climate?

Scott calls it A Minnesota miscarriage of justice. The driver who rear ended another and killed those in it is not being held accountable for his actions. Instead, Toyota is being blamed. The media and some others are crowing about freeing the innocent. Whatever.

The facts don’t fit the mantra.

Studies into the efforts to blame Toyota for sudden acceleration and cars that won’t stop make it rather clear that the claims lack substance. That does not go down well for some.

The NHTSA plays to the media by regularly “reporting” the number of deaths allegedly linked to Toyota sudden-acceleration, now up to 93, without pointing out that many claims are plainly absurd.

Research shows driver error contributes to over 99 percent of all car accidents–but naturally lots of people prefer to believe otherwise. In fact, many of the Toyota “alleged death” entries actually admit that investigators concluded driver error was at fault–but the person making the entry feels that unintended acceleration was obviously the real cause.

In wondering where the facts went, Watts notes that The season of disinvitation continues. In this case it is the inconvenient facts regarding climate research.

Don’t want to hear it! — That’s one way to keep irritating ideas away. Such a method has its problems, though.

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