Hidden costs of energy to salve ideologies

The ‘go green’ ideology is a good case study of successful propaganda .. but that is for another time. Right now, its effect is becoming evident. Nevada power company has a rate increase on the table in part to pay for the mandated percentage of its power that must come from ‘green’ sources. On the other side of the planet comes the question Will a new real estate tax save us from solar insanity?

The subsidized photovoltaic industry has exploded in the mostly cloudy Czech Republic. Within a year, the amount of electricity produced by solar panels has increased by a whole order of magnitude. As a result, the leading power utility, ÄŒEZ, estimates that it may have to raise the price of electricity by a whopping 20 or 30 percent starting from January 2011.

Since the agreements have been made and the monies committed, the question at this time is how to ameliorate the damages. One idea is taxes.

Whatever happened to the market?

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