Is the Bible secular?

The display of the Ten Commandments has been a symbol for the anti-western culture advocates. The idea is that anything from the bible is sectarian and religious and therefore must be banned from the public square. David Hazony wonders: Can a Sacred Text Be Secular as Well? He uses his experience from a visit to Israel as an example.

most Israelis don’t see the Bible as an “obviously sectarian” text all. They see it, rather, as a national treasure, a basis of identity, a rich collection of ancient writings that is of interest not so much because of its authority as much as for its wisdom and testament to a unique cultural heritage. In other words, they see it as a secular text — much as Americans view the Federalist Papers or the Declaration of Independence.

The attacks on the Bible and its role in western societies is a logical fallacy. They posit that the Bible must be either religious or not. Since it is used in church, it must therefore be religious and banned from the public square. This position belies its true founding.

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